Psychotherapy Services

A professional therapist experienced in helping you, your mental health and your well-being. 

Experience the Growth Today!

Couples problems

Relationship and marriage counselling. Learn how to resolve issues correctly.

Parent-child issues.

Experiencing difficulties or communication problems?

Commitment issues

A place to talk, reflect and express yourself to better your relationship.

Family issues.

From money, work-life balance, it’s good to talk and solve the issue.


How My Process Work

Schedule a Discovery Call

Email me using my contact form and I'll contact you back to find out what therapy you require.

Book Your Therapy Session

Let's book a date in our calendars for the first session. It can be face to face or it can be a video call.

Move Towards Positivity

Work on the advice given in the meeting. After a while, book another appointment.

I offer different services but I'm consistent with: integrity, honesty, trust, passion and humility.
sharon barnes councellor
Sharon Barnes

Listening, showing empathy and understanding.

My sessions help individuals and couples move forward by giving you a safe space to talk, whilst I listen. I won’t judge, I want to know about your emotions and I’m here to help. We can talk face to face or we can have an online session.

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Loss and Bereavement

Have you lost someone important to you? Unsure how to express yourself?


CBT Psychodynamic

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Taking a close look into behaviour.


Behavioural Therapy

Identifying and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviours.

Let's talk and work on solving your issues.


What clients are saying

My experience with Sharon was extremely positive. Her welcoming attitude and room, followed by the professional help provided, was priceless to me and I now look to the future with a smile.
Sharon has been a great assistance through a very difficult time and has helped me to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
Sharon made me feel at ease. She helped me examine my current difficulties and thought processes, enabling me to have a more positive approach to dealing with certain situations.
Sharon, my counsellor, was superb and never made me feel anything but very special. She has changed the way I see myself.
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